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Mathias Fogel

About MFO

I am searching for interesting projects in the field of technical reporting and data warehousing. I am looking forward to meeting interesting contacts, talking about and working together in topics like renewable energies or business intelligence.

MFO Background

Born and raised in southern Germany in a small village next to the lovely city Heidelberg, I soon decided at the age of 20 to move and study into bigger cities like Cologne or Mannheim. Since three years I am living in the vibrating city Berlin where I graduated as Master of Science in Management & Informatics and am now working as a freelancer in the field of Database Management. The last five years I worked for the company juwi energy AG – most of the time remotely, which already felt like working as a freelancer.

MFO Vision

MFO stands for my initials of Mathias Fogel. Data is everything, Data is everywhere. No Data, no Business should be common sense, but is the opposite true? A lot of Data means a lot of business? I don’t think so, but I think that structured, analyzed and focused data, that is used in a useful way can mean a lot of business. My vision is to share my expertise in Database Management for optimizing and developing a healthier and sustainable society that uses all the Data to make life a little more easy and livable for people all over the world. Resources are limited, Information/ Data/ Sharing is limitless.

Data Science vs. Data Analytics